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Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Artificial Intelligence, as the term suggest, is a technology that we human use to get rid of some of the work load. Jokes apart, this is the next big thing in the tech world. So what should you know about AI.

Q. What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

A. In and around 1950s the fathers of AI Marvin Minsky and John McCarthy, described AI as any task performed by a machine or a program, which would be done similarly by a human using intelligence. In simpler terms, a simulation of human intelligence made by using a machine or a program can be considered as Artificial Intelligence.

Q. How AI can be useful?

A. AI can be useful to complete tasks that would take a very long time if done by a human being. Considering the fact that a human brain would need to rest for a certain duration in a day, AI can do the same task without taking any break. Following are some of the examples of AI:

Q. Which is more superior: Artificial Intelligence or Human Intelligence?

A. Though AI can be much more productive than human intelligence, but nevertheless human intelligence will always be more superior. Human mind has something called Intellect and Emotion, which yet could not be simulated artificially. These a the two main traits of human brain that would probably remain ever dominant, or would it?

Q. What are the types of AI?

A. Following are some of the AI types:

  • Reactive AI: These are the types of AI wherein the reactions to situations are completely coded into the program. The program is supposed to respond on a case to case basis. It doesn’t have any memory or learning from past interactions. Some examples of such systems are Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri.

  • Limited Memory AI: This kind of AI is in existence, which uses Machine Learning to learn and record past interactions. These are the data that influences the choices made by the program. Such intelligent systems are designed to record and analyze past interactions to extract valuable information from them. These information are in turn used to make a decision in similar interactions. Examples of such systems are Chatbots and Self Driven Cars.

  • Theory Of Mind: This is a theoretical form of AI which has a mind and can simulate emotions and intellect. They can also visualize and have a perception of vision. Though computer vision is no longer a theory, but it is yet to recognize emotions and feelings. Examples of such machines are Optimus Prime from the Movie Series of Transformers.

To conclude this article I would like to say that AI is a very nice and necessary advancement of science. However, we have to be intelligent to understand the downside of it as well.

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