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Updated: Jun 29, 2022

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When we hear the wordsArtificial Intelligence, the first thing that comes across our mind are some of the movies like Iron Man, Terminator, I Robot, Stealth and many more. Considering the current developments of AI and the rapid pace it picked up, these movies might not be very far from reality. AI has already started making its footmarks in almost all the industries. Here, we will shed some light on real-life examples from the industry and some ideas of the future. But before going into the examples, let us look at some of the advancements.

Advancements in Industry:

Few of many developments happening in the field of AI in the recent years

  • ChatBots: ChatBots have started picking up pace since 2016 and by 2018 they already started making the service industry more efficient and profitable. The concept of chatbots was invented in 1966. The bot was called ELIZA. This was the first time when a computer was used to impersonate a human conversation via scripted responses.

  • Machine Learning Algorithms making business decisions more precise: Nowadays, most of the large businesses and tech giants are working on Machine Learning, deep learning and Data Science for taking their major business decisions. These technologies help in tracking the data, finding the relevance of the data, detecting an imminent attack, isolating the information from various data and many more.

  • Artificial intelligence and ML in Health Care: Artificial intelligence and ML are now being used to detect various kind of diseases such as Tuberculosis, Alzheimer’s Disease, Cancer and many more. Not just that, nowadays robots have been incorporated to operating procedures as well. MIT recently have come-up with a next generation smartwatch which can not only detect heart rate, but also can detect the oxygen consumptions in the muscles and make real-time suggestions to the bearer for reduced injury, optimising exercises and monitor the recovery process.

  • Self-Driven Cars with AI: Tesla has started working on a futuristic car which will have auto-pilot capabilities. The car will supposedly have cameras which will cover 360 degrees around the car. The car uses Neural Networks and computer vision for processing all the data accumulated.

Real World Examples:

AI for Emotion Detection: Nowadays social media plays a very important role in publicity and marketing. Most of the companies and prominent public figures uses social media for making their publicity and marketing. Now there are mainly two kinds of publicity; positive and negative. The kind of publicity mainly depends on the emotion of the users of social media. On one hand user’s emotion can change overnight whereas on the other hand it can be manipulated as per the requirements.

The big question is how do you figure out what is the current user emotion about a company or a public figure? This is where AI comes in very handy. Another Artificial intelligence application is, Nowadays AI can be used to estimate the user emotion and make a suggestion of steps to improve them. Now, you might wonder how this could be possible? AI nowadays have advanced to a level where it can extract the user comments, likes, dislikes and other data from the responses made by the users in a post. Once such data is extracted, the system would run a test like a keyword search to find out if the keywords are positive, negative or neutral. Now in many cases, the keywords can be used to represent emotions other than the intended. Hence the system would also check the context in which the keyword was used. This procedure would be run on all the users who had touched a post. And also it would cover all the posts that were made by the company or individual. At the end of all the analysis, the system would provide a comprehensive report on what is the current user emotion about the company or individual.

Once the analysis is done the AI would make suggestions to improve the current market emotions. These would be based on the profile of the company or individual and the current trend of users views. This is a technology that is currently being worked on massively and would be a great aid to marketing/publicity personnel.

Artificial intelligence for Motion and Gesture Detection: There is a player inside every human. A person is either a sportsman or a sports lover. Even if one is not into real sports, they may be a video gamer or an observer. An active player would spend time in training and practising to prepare oneself for the sport. While a passive player may observe the players’ moves and determine their next action. To ascertain a player’s movements, AI can be utilized as a device to analyse the current gesture/posture of the player, his/her performance and come up with certain strategies.

Every moving object in a game can be interpreted as a moving dot. With the help of Artificial Intelligence concept, we can study the pattern of these dots and predict movement of the object. This concept can be implemented in any form of sport, be it cricket or basketball or tennis. As one can capture movements and develop strategies; training the professionals would become easier for the coaches.

For such scenarios we would have to use neural network to find out the path of each dot. First of all the person under examination needs to be marked with dots of every visibly moving points in the body, e.g. Knee, elbow, shoulder etc. Once the points are identified by the system then a study can be made on him movements. Once the study fetches enough data the system would be able to identify a pattern in the movement. Upon doing that the same model can be used to train others.

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