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Working at Open Space


Our Application On Demand service concentrates deeply on developing custom fit applications keeping the customer requirements in mind. The process of development is very user-friendly and accessible to the customer. Customer is fully engaged in the development process to ensure complete satisfaction on delivery. Finally, we will take care of the early life support post-delivery to ensure a smooth transition to the platform, which includes training the users on using the application (optional).

What can we do for you?

We have expertise in various fields of software development such as:

  • Android App Development

  • Standalone Windows Application

  • Networked Applications

  • Server-Client Applications

  • Automation Applications

But our work field is not limited to these fields. We have the capability of working with your requirement and come up with the most suitable solutions.


How would we do it for you?

We follow Agile methodologies for application development, which gives us flexibility and monitoring capabilities. Our development phases are designed in such a way so that we have multiple concurrent phases of development running at the same time. This gives us the suppleness to reduce the time of delivery. As per our systematic development management, we would start with the requirement collection. Once done, we would break the requirements into modules and then create various phases for development. During this time the customer would be involved in the process to ensure proper understanding of the requirements. Then we would start the development and testing. The customer would be again involved during the testing phase to check if the application is behaving as required. Once the cycle of development and testing is complete we would move ahead with implementation. In this phase, the implementation would begin with a pilot run. Upon the success of the pilot run, mass deployments would start. Once the implementation is complete, the entire project would go through an early life support phase of 2 weeks (optional).


What is your ROI with us?

We would invest time in ensuring your satisfaction. In this pursuit, we have a post-delivery maintenance and a provision for changes. Your trust and satisfaction are our greatest payments. We also offer an annual maintenance contract (AMC) for the delivered applications. Also, we have a very competitive rate for a high-quality industry standard product. We will never compromise on the quality.

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