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Your Personalized IT Service Man

Automate the Troubleshooting of the issues in your IT Environment (Laptops and Desktops) with CascTune. Reduce your Operational and Capital Expenses.​

Is your organization facing downtimes with your endpoints (Laptops and Desktops)? We can help Fix it for you automatically. Yes, you read that right! We fix issues Proactively and Automatically.

Why CascTune and how can it help your organisation?

Our Infrastructure Automation product – CascTune concentrates deeply on automating the troubleshooting of On-Premise infrastructure issues. The idea is to track the system performance and proactively identify plausible issues in the system. This automation system uses ProHeal technology to proactively identify and troubleshoot the issues before they cause downtime. The system uses traits of AI to identify any underlying issue in the infrastructure.

Maintaining your IT Infrastructure is tough, we know it and have been there, therefore CascTune is what you need:

Following are the features of CascTune:  

  • Automated Monitoring of IT infrastructure

  • Automated identification & resolution of end point related issues

  • Elimination of issues proactively from the environment

  • Automation of resolution of issues in On-Premise infrastructure

  • SaaS Application Setup

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Are you reaping the benefits of automation in IT Infrastructure support? Not Yet? Now, you can automate the IT Infrastructure support very easily with CascTune.

Endpoint Monitoring:

The Agent will be installed in every EndPoints and it is responsible for monitoring the performance and acquiring the system logs.

EndPoint Health Monitoring:

The Agent will record the system state on an hourly basis and it will send this information to the SaaS Server for analysis. The collected information is utilized by the server for daily analysis and a report is generated.

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CascTune Reporting Console:
  • This is the reporting portal for CascTune Admin Console. This portal would contain the daily dashboard and individual EndPoint health reports.

  • Dashboard for EndPoint Health

  • Daily Dashboard Application health

  • Individual EndPoints health

  • Average health of EndPoints

  • Capture EndPoints’ data for predictive analysis

  • Determines the recommendations of any upgrade, suggestions, and warnings

  • EndPoint configuration monitoring and proactive upgrade notification

  • Hardware upgrade recommendations

  • Analytics for EndPoints groups’ health

  • Analytics for the issues that were resolved per EndPoints

Service Management Ticketing Tool Integration (Optional)

The tool can integrate with various ticketing tools. All the issues that are resolved by CascTune would be logged as a ticket and closed automatically.

Casctune Logo 11.png


You might be thinking, what is your ROI when you implement CascTune?

  • A self-Healing mechanism would reduce the downtime of your IT endpoints.

  • Proactive monitoring of the endpoints.

  • CascTune is module-based application and can be customized as per the requirements.

  • CascTune is a saas based application with a high level of data security. Thus, reducing the overheads of maintaining the local management server.

  • Reduced cost of IT Infrastructure support.

  • Human errors would be eliminated by implementing CascTune for IT Support

  • Unlike commercial monitoring applications, this product would not infiltrate privacy.

Want to know more about CascTune? Download our Product Description by clicking the link below.
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