ChatBots Customized to Your Needs



Cassie is a product by Cascnet Technologies which is packaged with an Artificial Intelligence enabled chatbot. The chatbot is designed to capture every response from the customer and analyze them to evolve its responses.

Following are some of the features of Cassie:

  • Human-like responses

  • Evolving conversational maturity

  • Emotionally Intelligent

  • Business-specific focus


What Cassie can do for you?


Cassie can do the following for you:

  • Technical Service Desk Bot Assistant

  • Educational Query Bot Assistant

  • Service Query Bot Assistant

  • General Information Bot Assistant

Fore stated are some of the environments where Cassie can be useful. Other than that we can customize the bot to behave appropriately in any kind of suitable environment. If you have an idea on where you want to implement a chatbot, we can implement it for you.

We also have multiple variant of ChatBot:

  • Self-Learning Bot

  • Supervised Learning Bot


How will Cassie do it for you?


We have a framework for the ChatBot that uses Machine Learning for learning from past interactions. To begin with, we would need a large set of sample conversation data from you to train  Cassie at the time of implementation. Once the bot is implemented, it will start collecting all the data for further training. With the Self-Learning Bot, the training would automatically happen at regular intervals. With the Supervised Bot, we can do it for you. Once implemented, we would run a pilot run for the bot to check the vitals (Speed, Accuracy, Understanding Capabilities, etc). If the bot successfully qualifies for the minimum requirements, we would make it live for you. The entire application is an on-premise setup and hence there is no possibility of data leakage.


What is your ROI with us?


We would invest time in ensuring your satisfaction. In this pursuit, we have a post-delivery maintenance and a provision for changes. Your trust and satisfaction are our greatest payments. We also offer an annual maintenance contract (AMC) for the delivered applications. Also, we have a very competitive rate for a high-quality industry standard product. We will never compromise on the quality.